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Description : No one can resist a love letter Love letters are largely a lost and forgotten art. Not long ago suitors used the written word to work magic, and people were swept off their feet by a sweet, sincere note. “How to Write a Love Letter” teaches us, once again, how to reinvent this most meaningful of arts. In today’s rushed, individualistic society, love letters are more potent than ever before. They embody and convey the mysterious, the unexpected, and the most utterly thoughtful. A love letter can be anything–from a brisk, casual E-mail asking a love interest to coffee to a handwritten marriage proposal that will serve as a family treasure always. Fun, flirtatious, intimate, provocative–a love letter can be any and all of these things. Even the simplest letter can cause a stir. Barrie Dolnick and Donald Baack have collected a wide range of letters–from old family keepsakes to casual and proper office E-mails. The authors demonstrate and explain, to both women and men, that writing a love letter is about turning sincere affection or intrigue into a unique, cherishable gesture, no matter how small the occasion or how short and uncomplicated the note. Whether you’re shy and have trouble expressing your feelings face to face, or you’re a romantic at heart who wants to learn more effective ways to communicate, How to Write a Love Letter is your ultimate inspiration and guide. Go ahead. Fan the flames of a fledgling romance, or tell your husband of forty years that you still adore him as much as you did the day you first married him. Words are sexy, romantic, and wondrous. Letters are legacies. Learn the art today, and improve your life. Julie, My life is starting to become different, even if my days seem the same. And I must confess that it’s you who has changed my outlook. You have opened my eyes to some amazing new possibilities. Your touch is so gentle, your kisses are so delicious, and your body is soft when it presses against me. I will forever be filled with a new

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