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Description : Trenton Carpenter is all grown up. Now a firefighter with some of the other guys we know and love from this series; he’s spent the last several years, growing up and getting to know his brother. Unlucky in love and not wanting to settle for less than his ideal life that he wants, he’s choosy about who he lets close.
That is, until he meets sexy police officer Kade Morgan.

Kade Morgan is a closeted, sexy as sin, police officer that keeps his cards close to his chest. Nobody knows much about the man except for his bad attitude and permanent scowl. They’d never guess that he’s a protective big brother and ….a single parent.
Seeing how all these guys know everybody in town, it was only a matter of time before they met. Alvin introduced the brood to Kade and his sister Callie and after a night of drinking together; they were brought into the fold.

Kade has a hard time staying away from Trenton and Trenton doesn’t want to stay away from Kade, or his sweet, little girl who wrapped him around her little finger the day they’d met.

An accident at work, a bloody mess and a heated kiss or two between these two hot guys make it impossible for them to deny what’s right in front of them.
Will a department change and the risk of losing Trenton be enough to snap Kade out of his tightly closed closet, or did Trenton make a mistake and pick another wrong guy?

This story is m/m romance with no cliffhanger and a HEA.
Mature language and situations.

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