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Description : Hello, I’m Lars and I’ve been in Asia for 15 years, enjoying every day and hundreds of ladyboys. I’ve put 15 years of experience and knowledge into this book to teach you all you need to know about ladyboys. Everything from where to meet them and how to seduce them, to why having sex with ladyboys is so fantastic. It even gives a rigorous explanation of why ladyboys are ladyboys and why you can’t find enough of these jewels in your home country.
I love ladyboys! I adore them, and my life has been blessed because of them. My life is perfect and I hope it will keep being perfect as I enjoy Asia, its great weather, amazing food, and its perfected women whom we call ladyboys.

Here is my table on contents:

Lars Danjim and who is he?
Lars, will you ever return home?
What are ladyboys?
Why are you attracted to ladyboys?
Lars how many ladyboys have you had sex with?
Why do you like ladyboys?
Are ladyboys better than women?
Is ass better then vagina?
I have sex with ladyboys, am I Gay?
Do ladyboys have sex with local guys?
How did you find your first ladyboy?
Did you ever have a relationship with a ladyboy?
Are ladyboys okay with open relationships?
Are you in love now?
Are ladyboys born or do they choose to be ladyboys?
What are some countries where you can find ladyboys?
Why are there so many ladyboys in some places but not in others?
Which ladyboys are better: Thai or Filipina?
Are ladyboys easy to seduce?
Where is a good place to pick up ladyboys?
Any tips on seducing ladyboys?
Do Ladyboys understand men better?
Are there any real scientific differences between men and ladyboys?
Do you use protection when you have sex with ladyboys?
Are ladyboys Bottom, Top or Versatile?
Do ladyboys have big or small dicks?
Do ladyboys take hormones to become more feminine?
Do ladyboys get a lot of Surgery?
Do ladyboys do anything else to make themselves feminine?
What jobs do ladyboys do?
Are lots of ladyboys prostitutes?
But what can you tell us about the ladyboys who are prostitutes?

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