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Description : Breakneck in its pace, uncompromising in its narrative ruthlessness, Persuader is typical of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher adventures. After a first chapter that misdirects the reader quite staggeringly, ex-army freelance adventurer Reacher is apparently on the run. As always with Child and Reacher, what we see at first is only a small part of the complex plotting lying underneath. Reacher has his own reasons for taking on this case, reasons that are very personal and go back a decade. Being Reacher, tough with a heart of gold, his emotions–his liking for a drug dealer’s wife and son, his more than professional interest in the DEA officer investigating them, his dislike of steroid-crazed thug Paulie–soon complicate his objectives. Childs is endlessly reliable on gadgets–the miniaturised e-mail senders, the big guns–and on action sequences–various fights and a swim in a riptide; he also makes us believe in complex emotions and deeper feelings than a love of violence. This is not one of the best of the Reacher books–it has too many flashbacks and a shadowy villain–but like all of them it is an action thriller for intelligent readers. —Roz Kaveney

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