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Description : Winner of “Publishers Weekly” Listen Up Award for Best Short Stories Wherever Garrison Keillor’s imagination takes him, the road back to Lake Wobegon is always a delightful one. His story collections about “the little town that time forgot” are his most popular; this Lake Wobegon collection features 11 wonderful stories recorded from live radio broadcasts of “A Prairie Home Companion.”Life these days in Lake Wobegon means shirtsleeve autumns and late-starting winters. Meanwhile, a bus full of Lutheran men attends the Risk Takers convention in Minneapolis to do the unthinkable: express their emotions. Pastor Ingqvist interviews for a job at the Mall of America. The Ingqvists’ elderly dog discovers the fountain of youth. The website for the World’s Largest Pile of Burlap Bags (www.wlpbb) opens a window on Lake Wobegon to the world.And as a special bonus, “Life These Days” includes a never-before-available Keillor short story, “Spring.”Contents: Gladys Hits A Raccoon; The World’s Largest Pile; My Cousin Rose; The Risk Takers; Pastor Ingqvist at the Mall; Hunting Stories; Sorrows of January; Clarence Cleans His Roof; Miracle of the Pastor’s Dog; War of the Krebsbachs; Graduation

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